Connected to the most sustainable ‘heating grid’ in The Netherlands

This week AllPlant will be connected to the ‘biomass heating grid’ of HVC-bio-energy plant. The grid is more than 30 km long and comes from Alkmaar to Heiloo, Heerhugowaard and Langedijk. The plant generates heat from biomass such as sludge and other bio-rest materials coming from the region of Alkmaar. As a result, the generated heat for houses and businesses connected to the ‘grid’ is 100% green. In December 2017 the HVC biomass energy plant was rewarded by the industry to be the most sustainable plant in the Netherlands.


Now is the best time to do the necessary changes in the greenhouse and do the necessary investments. When the connection is completed another step has been reached, our high efficient gas heating system will only serve as back-up coming winters.

As AllPlant is only purchasing certified green energy from wind and sun, our energy need is solely coming from sustainable sources. AllPlant will be one of the greenest young plant nurseries in Europe!