Shining' example of cultivation optimasation

VDH Foil Greenhouses

In a horticulture region in which glass is the standard, AllPlant has opted for a foil greenhouse. Ben van der Heide of builder VDH Foil Greenhouses: ‘Our foils will last up to ten years. And the advantages for the crop pay out. There is a reason why 95% of the greenhouses worldwide are covered with foil.’

Following an extensive comparative study, owner Simon Gootjes of AllPlant quickly reached a decision: his greenhouses of almost 22,000 m2 should be covered with foil. VDH Foil Greenhouses supplied the drawings and construction calculations through to the completion.

Diffuse and UV-permeable
‘Foil offers possibilities of creating an optimal climate for every type of cultivation’, Ben van der Heide explains. ‘Contrary to glass, foils are diffuse to various levels and they are UV-permeable. We determined per plant species which light is required. Colour, growth, hardening off: it is beneficial to the total quality. What’s more, the insulating effect yields energy savings between 30 to 40 percent.’ Ben is extremely enthusiastic about the result. ‘For which I also thank the construction partners. All of the installations had to be assembled on our construction and perfectly geared to one another. The level of detail is extreme. If I look around at what I see, I feel pure satisfaction.’

Lucien en Ben van der Heide_TE KLEIN Lucien en Ben van der Heide_TE KLEIN