Savings costs and taking matters off the client's hands

Contractor R&H Beers

For Contractor R&H Beers, the task began with the 450 square metre o­ffice building of Allplant. After the company realised a considerable savings in costs with the construction, the range of tasks quickly expanded. ‘But I am particularly proud of the trust that we have gained.’

All of the drawings and specifications were practically done when Harry was called in. His challenge: lowering the construction costs without losing quality and appearance. ‘We came to the conclusion that it was not necessary to sink piles. We then opted for wood skeleton construction, which also offers room for better insulation. An extra advantage concerned the pre-fabrication; we erected the entire interior within a week.’

Spider in the web
The dams, drives and paving of the premises also needed to be shaped. ‘As the main contractor, we were already the spider in the web, so we could take that on as well’, Harry tells us, supported by his years of experience in agricultural construction. Finally, he was also awarded the concrete work: the loading pit, dock shelter, work floors and paths between the plots in the greenhouses. ‘The fact that we think along is much appreciated here. And it means we can really contribute. The final aspect of our work is the paving in August.’

Aannemersbedrijf RH Beers_IMG_8375_HR Aannemersbedrijf RH Beers_IMG_8375_HR