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The horticulture industry is confronted with IT-landscapes that change rapidly. Due to the introduction of Cloud based solutions, Apps and Online applications it is easy to lose track. In order to organise the processes more efficiently, there is a need for a clear and easy solution. Inventive is responding to this need with its Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP). 

The ERP is the place where employees do their work and share their work with colleagues. The platform combines hard data from the ERP-system with soft data from your operating processes. As a result, you will work with a continuously growing source of information at a central point in your organisation, to which you can give your employees and business partners access through an Internet portal. According to this, your business partners will have the possibility to place information directly into your system, which will immediately increase the e­fficiency of your business operations. In this way, Inventive is constantly working on creating value for your company.

The processes in the horticultural sector
An example of a project in which Inventive has translated the horticultural process into the ERP software concerns the implementation of the ‘Young Plants Software’ at Gootjes-AllPlant. Due to the integration of this functionality into the standard software, Gootjes-AllPlant can predict the success rate of their production process. As a result, Gootjes-AllPlant can give her customers a delivery guarantee. This is just one of the solutions that is realized thanks to the close cooperation between Gootjes-AllPlant and Inventive. This ‘partnership’ characterizes the way Inventive cooperates with its customers.

How do we charge you for our software?
A partnership requires a proper licence model. That is why Inventive ERP software offers a fair and transparent licence model, Pay-Per-Use. With Pay-Per-Use:
- It is not necessary to determine in advance which functionality has to be used;
- All functionalities can be used, whenever you want;
- Only pay for the functionality that is actually used.

About Inventive
For the last 30 years, Inventive Software has been active as a manufacturer, supplier and implementation partner of the Inventive ERP Software. Inventive supports many industries, including agriculture and horticulture, greenhouse construction and other suppliers of these sectors. Due to our experiences, Inventive understands the processes in your industry and is able to adjust the necessary processes to your needs, using the Inventive Enterprise Resource Platform. Would you like to receive additional information or perhaps want an introductory meeting? Then please contact us through

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