The right climate for every cultivation department

DLV glass & energy

Onno Zwaan, project leader working from DLV glass & energy, is involved in the AllPlant-construction from the very first design to the very last aspect of the completion. ‘AllPlant already had a clear design in mind. Using our technical knowledge, we brought it to perfection together. That is our strength.’

DLV glass & energy is the authority in the field of greenhouse construction in the Netherlands. This played a role in the international expansion of DLV glass & energy. It helped AllPlant with the permits, design, tendering and construction supervision. ‘Owner Simon Gootjes always looks for the best solutions, from construction and cultivation departments to logistic flows. We show him the options, he decides.’

It is in this way that a unique collection of climate technologies came about here. Onno: ‘Separate combinations of lighting, heating, method of sprinkling and foil type were applied each type of tissue cultivation. That makes this construction, together with the energy savings, revolutionary.’

The knowledge within DLV glass & energy regarding cultivation and species improvement was much appreciated. But success also depends upon the human factor, there has to be a click. Onno: ‘We gear the project teams to the client. Involvement motivates. That is the only way to realise the ideal greenhouse within the budget.’

Onno Zwaan_DLV_IMG_8384_HR Onno Zwaan_DLV_IMG_8384_HR